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James Harper
Director of Development

James has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and corporate partnerships. For the last five years James has been involved in developing and implementing the capital stack and financial structure of Trailhead Community and has been instrumental in the development of their go to market sales strategy and fundraising.
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Our Board Members:

Barbara Ziegler

Board President

Steve Persichetti

Board Member

Beth Rodriguez

Treasurer and Secretary

Dianne Arendt

Board Member

Lois Brassfield

Board Member

Christopher Roe

Board Memeber

Jim Shipton

Board Member

Colin Larson

Board Member

Ken & Zara Wilkinson

Co-Board Members
Our Advisory Council:

Tim Rea

Database Advisor

Sandy Polizzoto

Food Service Advisor

Sheila Rea


Danette Henderson

Board Member

Carol Slivestain

Board Emeritus