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Frequently Asked Questions:
*The information below is subject to change without notice.
Can adults with developmental disabilities afford their own housing?
Can we purchase a unit?
Is this the only building you are planning?
When can I apply for my daughter/son?
Will Trailhead Community be bound by the Fair Housing Laws?
Will you allow pets? If so, which ones?
How big is the need for housing for adults with developmental disabilities?
Is Trailhead Community owned by Stepping Stone Support Center?
When will we get a building Permit?
When will the apartments be ready to be moved into?
What do you anticipate the rent to be?
Do you have a waiting list?
Will you accept residents who need G-tube feedings and/or nursing oversight?
Will you accept residents with disabilities who are not on SLS?
Will you accept residents who are on the Comprehensive Waiver?
Is Trailhead Community a non-profit?
Will you offer QMap trained staff to dispense medications?
Why did you change your name to Trailhead Community?
Will you use tax credits to partially fund this building?
Will there be laundry facilities on site?
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