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A Community of
Good Neighbors
Coming in 2024!

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Our mission is creating and designing an extraordinary opportunity for people to come together in an integrated and intentional apartment community.

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Our mission is designing and creating an extraordinary opportunity for people to come together in an integrated and intentional community.

Developing housing solutions for...

Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Our original and primary focus is the extreme need for housing for adults with IDD who need an independent living experience that is financially attainable.


For those employed full time who earn less than the local median income and cannot afford to live near their workplaces. Employees and employers alike testify to a critical need for employee housing.

Golden Agers (Seniors)

Trailhead also offers a unique alternative to the often-overlooked group of seniors; those with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid long term care, but too low to access the expensive senior housing options on the market.

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Community & independence united... at last!

Our first project is building with 83 homes. Some of the condos are allocated for adults with developmental disabilities and the rest for tenants from the general population. We will have some units available to purchase and some as income-based rentals.

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The Need

It estimated that in Colorado, more than 12,000 adults with developmental disabilities live with caretakers who are over the age of 60. In 2019, Section 8 Housing Vouchers in Jefferson County opened its “waitlist to get on the waitlist” for one week. In 2019, Denver housing authority released fewer than 1200 housing vouchers and they received 23,000 applicants! The reality is that the average disability benefit is $800 per month but the average one-bedroom apartment in the Denver metro area is $1540. There is clearly a need for housing that is both affordable and desirable for people with developmental disabilities!

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The Vision

We are approaching the severe need for affordable housing with a thoughtful and intentional solution. Project number one is an 80 unit apartment complex that will be the home to adults with developmental disabilities, active seniors and working professionals. The community will be integrated and run by a cooperative management model with decisions made by a vote of the group as a whole.

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The Future

Trailhead Community is a completely unique model that will integrate people from many walks of life into a cooperative community to benefit them all. With state-of-the-art technology, universal design features and advanced progressive thinking, this project will pioneer a new way for addressing the ever growing housing crisis. This building will serve as a prototype for many other projects to come.

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What's Happening at Trailhead

Construction has begun!

Construction begins on Colorado’s first-of-its-kind “Community of Good Neighbors” for adults with and without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Jefferson County. The first-of-its-kind apartment complex in Colorado will allocate 50 percent of its 80 units for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the other 50 percent for seniors and working professionals. 

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Loneliness can be a significant problem for seniors!

Loneliness is a widespread issue among seniors, and it can have serious consequences for their mental and physical health. Congregate living, like Trailhead Community, can be a great solution to this problem!

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Senior Housing Info Session- VIRTUAL
August 7, 2024

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore Trailhead and envision your future in a community that values comfort, connection, and an exceptional quality of life. Join us for our virtual Zoom info sessions and let Trailhead become the backdrop to your golden years!

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