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We are currently accepting applications to Purchase a Home at
Trailhead Community!

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We will begin accepting rental applications in 2021.

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The Benefits of Ownership

You are instrumental in getting the building built

First come first serve on the choice of unit

Ability to customize the interior of your own unit

Rental property tax deductions including mortgage interest, property tax, and HOA fees

You can be proud of your ownership and investment into a community that is making a difference for those with IDD

Your asset will likely hold or appreciate in value over time

As a member of the HOA, you will participate in decision making about the management of the building and have the opportunity to Vote on various matters

You’re not just investing in a home, you’re investing in...

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A first of its kind community



A future for those with IDD

Available Floor Plans

Starting at $319,000

488 SQ FT
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Starting at $354,900

600 SQ FT
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Starting at $364,900

624 SQ FT
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Starting at $369,000

647 SQ FT
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Starting at $414,900

876 SQ FT
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Starting at $459,00

1018 SQ FT
2 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
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1018 SQ FT
2 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
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Your monthly HOA fee includes:

Membership in Residence Council
High Speed Internet/Wifi Building-wide
All Utilities & Trash Collection
Maintenance of the Building
Optional Maintenance Program for Home Interiors
Property Management
Pest Control
Special Events as Determined by Resident Advisory Council
High Tech Safe Home & Security Features
Meal Service: 3 Meals Offered Daily
24/7 Concierge Staff (2-3 People Day & Evening; 1 Person 11pm-7am)
Wages and Salaries for the Building Staff
24 Hour access to:

Common Areas

Fitness Center

Sport Court

Craft Room

Laundry Room

Community Dining Room

Multimedia Room

Outdoor Courtyard

Conference & Meeting Rooms