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Alex & Ian from Five & Dime

When/where/how did you learn our project?

We first learned about Trailhead from James, who's a member of the Trailhead Team. We had worked with James’ marketing company and he thought we might be a good fit so he introduced us to the Trailhead team.


What is your reason for joining our team?

Right away we were excited about the Trailhead mission and excited to get involved in the project. Having limited involvement with the DD community we did not realize the dire need of housing for the growing population with elderly caretakers. Typically, in our work we are so focused on the aesthetic of a project and not always the cause, so it feels great to be involved with a project that we can feel like we're actually giving back and making a difference.


What about our mission spoke to your heart?  

Ian has a cousin with a developmental disability, growing up with a family of four brothers, Ross immediately became our fifth brother. He would attend all of our sporting events, play ball with us in the driveway and the backyard, and then have us by his side when he would participate in the SpecialOlympics. Now that we are older it is dart playing and movies in the basement, and car rides to scoop the loop of the town square whenever I return home for the holidays. This mission gives so much independence to the DD community, and will help them thrive the same way that I’ve been able to see my cousin thrive.


What is your connection to the world of developmental disabilities, if any?

Along with Ian’s cousin above, growing up both Alex and Ian used to accompany their parents and other family members who volunteered with the Special Olympics. It was always a great time connecting with the kids/adults and we feel lucky to have found a new way to get involved with the DD community.

Layer 10

Based in Denver, Colorado, Layer 10’s team has decades of combined experience in IT systems, engineering, and management consulting. They help each client leverage technology to differentiate and optimize their space–whether their space is an office, hospital, residential location or even a city.

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K2 Residential Solutions

Combining over 50 years of Real Estate Development, Construction, and Operation Experience, Peter Kudla and Greg Krause, Principals of K2 Residential Solutions, provide a full-service General Contractor platform for “Client-Contractor Integration”. Their successful portfolio of construction projects extends throughout the Front Range of Colorado include: Transit Oriented Development, Mixed Use, and Multi-Family Residential Developments.

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Given & Associates

Given and Associates is a Professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineering firm that services both private and public clients. They have a wealth of experience in most commercial and public-use areas of construction including in retail, office, education, healthcare, senior living, and mixed-use facilities. They have also completed many residential projects ranging from single family homes to multi-family residential complexes.

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A storied legacy. A fresh future. Foundations are important. They’re where everything begins. Ours builds on a respected Denver-based interior design firm, propelling 3 decades of experience forward, and threading it into a new story. One of commitment, intuition and constant inspiration to never sit still.

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Anchor Engineering

Anchor Engineering, Inc. (AEI) is a full-service structural engineering firm, located in Denver Colorado. AEI provides services for residential and commercial design, construction administration, due-diligence structural engineering services for commercial real estate transactions, aluminum storefronts, curtain wall/glazing engineering, anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) blast analysis, engineering for photovoltaic (PV) supports, residential real estate structural inspections, and forensic structural investigations.

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Prior & Associates

Since 1997, Prior & Associates has completed thousands of housing market studies, appraisals, needs assessments and rent comparability studies for multifamily rental projects located throughout the United States.

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Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

For a century, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP has ranked among the region’s most prominent law firms, consistently offering quality legal services to emerging and established businesses.

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Coughlin & Company, Inc.

Founded in 1932, Coughlin & Company enters its 9th decade of continuous family ownership and management with the same principles that have motivated us since our beginnings: The success of our clients is our most important goal. We focus on long term results while recognizing short term needs too. Opportunities emerge from challenging circumstances for those who are creative and persistent. Integrity is everything.

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Principle Land Planning

Elyse Dinnocenzo applies her considerable expertise in planning and zoning to her passion for helping clients to design and implement community-driven, healthy, and sustainable development in the Front Range.

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Five & Dime

Five & Dime is a multidisciplinary design studio in Englewood CO. They elevate, inspire, and evolve brands through thoughtful design. They worked with Trailhead to develop their new brand and website.

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Point Consulting

Jim, Tiffany, and Cameron are lending their considerable expertise to Site Planning, Entitlements, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture & Land Surveying.

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KGA Studio Architects

Founded in 1977 in Boulder, Colorado, KGA Studio Architects is a nationally recognized, award-winning architectural studio providing creative, leading-edge architectural design.

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