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Interior Design

Interior Design

Our building will have a comfortable, casual sophistication to it- with nature infused calming colors accented with textural wood and stone elements. The interior will gracefully blend with the surrounding landscape of the beautiful foothills.

The building will also be intentionally designed using the guiding principles of universal design. It will be useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities. Our community spaces have purposely been designed for flexibility- allowing furniture to be moved around to accommodate for different functions and gatherings. The units themselves also provide flexibility in furnishings and space planning to allow adaptability.  Visiting and living in our building will be intuitive and simple. Wayfinding measures for safety and navigating will be presented through different sensory modes. Our community will also afford ease of living, keeping in mind body mechanics, adequate space for diverse body size and mobility needs. Most importantly, our building will be designed to promote social interaction and building a sense of community.

Our professionally designed commercial kitchen will allow for nutritious and delicious meals to be prepared jointly by our staff and tenants, as well as provide a learning environment for tenants wanting to gain more skills in cooking. Our south facing courtyard will pull our tenants outdoors and provide a place for barbequing, dining, socializing, and gardening. A craft studio has been designed to allow tenants to relax and let their creative juices flow. A beautifully designed media room provides flexibility in use- a quiet room for yoga, a gathering to watch a football game on a big screen, a jam session with some guitars and drums, or a poetry jam with a group of tenants sharing their creative ideas and voices. Our building will also include a fitness room with several pieces of cardio equipment and a half court gym for a quick game of basketball or volleyball. The warm and comfortable common areas on the main level will draw tenants for board games, meetups, and conversations around the fireplace. We have designed a building that promotes an integrated and intentional sense of community.  

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Beth Rodriguez
December 29, 2020
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