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A Grandparents Perspective: Where Will My Grandchild Live?

A Grandparents Perspective: Where Will My Grandchild Live?

This Post was originally posted on on October 18, 2018

One of our Board members, Lois Brassfield was kind enough to send us why she’s dedicated to our cause and organization. Whether you’re a parent, friend, sibling or grandparent almost everyone can relate and understand Lois’ purpose for wanting a better tomorrow for her granddaughter Caroline.

Here’s a quick thought from Lois Brassfield…

As my granddaughter, Caroline, had finally become eligible for adult services when my daughter transferred to California four years ago, a decision was made by Caroline, her mother, my husband and myself that Caroline would stay with us in Colorado.

We are very fortunate that Caroline was then accepted at Stepping Stone Support Center. She has blossomed there into an independent young woman who, with little assistance, is capable of living in her own apartment. Unfortunately, her income of $770 a month will not pay the rent. He grandfather and I are both over 70 years old, and we worry – where will Caroline live when we are unable to provide a home for her with us?

That’s why the concept of Stepping Stone Communities has captured my imagination. Funding is needed to make this idea into a real place for capable adults to have a safe and affordable place to live on their own.

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October 18, 2018
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