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Why I’m Committed To This Community

Why I’m Committed To This Community

This Post was originally posted on on November 15, 2018

Many people ask me why I spend so much time volunteering and working with the adults at Stepping Stone Support Center, or what drives me to be on the board for Stepping Stone Communities.

I don’t have a child with an intellectual or developmental disability, nor do I have a sibling, cousin or uncle with one.

What I do have is a passion for helping these adults become independent, helping them find purpose, happiness, and self-worth.

Stepping Stone Communities is not just building an apartment that these adults can safely afford to live in, they are providing them a key to independence. A key that provides them self-sufficiency, confidence, community, potential…a future!

The Denver Metro area is in dire need of affordable housing for adults with IDD who only receive about $750/month to live.  Most of these adults live with aging parents who are frightened about where their child will live when they are gone. The adults with IDD dream of their own homes, their own routines, the ability to make their own schedules and choices. Help us make their dreams come true.

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November 15, 2018
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