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Senior Housing Info Session- VIRTUAL

May 1, 2024

1st Wednesday of each month

Recap of the Event:
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Welcome to our exclusive virtual Zoom info sessions tailored for seniors interested in the Trailhead community! Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the unique features, amenities, and lifestyle that Trailhead has to offer. These engaging sessions are designed to provide you with comprehensive insights into the unparalleled living experience awaiting you at Trailhead.Discover the charm of Trailhead living from the comfort of your home. Our virtual info sessions will cover everything you need to know about the community, including the exceptional condo options available. From picturesque surroundings to state-of-the-art facilities, we'll showcase how Trailhead is not just a place to live but a destination for an enriched and fulfilling retirement.Our expert team will guide you through the key aspects of Trailhead living, highlighting the amenities, social activities, and the sense of community that sets Trailhead apart. Whether you're seeking tranquility, social connections, or vibrant living, Trailhead has something for everyone.Be part of these informative sessions, where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, interact with our team, and envision the lifestyle that awaits you at Trailhead. We're here to help you make an informed decision and take the first step toward your ideal home.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Wednesday May 1st at 6pm
  • Wednesday June 5th at 6pm
  • Wednesday July 3rd at 6pm
  • Wednesday August 7th at 6pm

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